We endeavor to build unwavering leaders that will make an impact for God’s kingdom and who are able to uphold Biblical Truths.


NCS received high marks from Accreditation from Advanc-ed, an international educational accreditation agency in March of 2017. We ranked well above the national average in all categories!

We are committed to Academic Excellence

  • Yearly achievement test scores rank NCS students well above the national averages

  • Smaller class sizes provide better student-to-teacher ratio and more individual attention

  • On-staff interventionist teacher to support teachers and students in providing differentiated instruction to meet student needs

  • Bible Study as a core subject and assessed on annual achievement test sponsored by ACSI (Association of Christian Schools International)

  • Christ-centered, non-denominational curriculum

  • Tutoring services available

  • Professionally certified teachers

  • Staff members are active Christian believers

  • Special instruction in Technology, Physical Education and Music

  • Interactive whiteboards and mobile computer lab available to all classrooms


We are proud to offer curriculum from Christian publishers including A BekaBob Jones University Press, and Purposeful Design Publications. Technology curriculum is based on West Virginia standards. Additional educational support is provided through an interventionist teacher on staff. Gifted classes and speech services can be arranged for students who qualify for them. Our goal is to not only partner with Christian parents, but to help children succeed both academically and spiritually.

test scores

North Christian School offers students an academically challenging curriculum which promotes high academic standards while helping the students to achieve skills in creative and critical thinking. Annually, our elementary students participate in the TerraNova 3 nationally standardized test. Our students consistently score above the National Average. The 2019 NCS averages scores were ABOVE National Averages of 50%.

NCS Averages from 2019 are below:

  • Reading Composite: 81%

  • Mathematics Composite: 74%

  • Language Composite: 78%

  • Science: 76%

  • Social Studies: 76%

  • On the 2019 Bible Test, 32 students received national “Advanced” recognition status!

21st Century Skills

At North Christian School, 21st Century Skills support the Christ-centered learning throughout our campus.  These skills manifest themselves through:

Learning Skills

  • Critical Thinking

  • Creative Thinking

  • Collaborating

  • Communicating

Literacy Skills

  • Information Literacy

  • Media Literacy

  • Technology Literacy

Life Skills

  • Flexibility

  • Initiative

  • Social Skills

  • Productivity

  • Leadership


Each week NCS students attend a chapel service. The service consists of praise and worship, prayer, Bible lessons and Bible memory verse recitation by grade.  Throughout the year, chapel also incorporates aspects of special/meaningful holidays or events.

Special Chapel events include:

  • Veterans' Day

  • National Day of Prayer

  • See You At The Pole

  • Pastries with Pastors

  • Creation Day Chapel