After serious consideration these are the rules the teachers have established for this “pilot” year. We will be asking for your feedback at the end of the year on this new program, provided of course we have bad weather days to try it out.

• Teachers will provide hard copies of the first two Blizzard Bag assignments at your first P/T conference. We also hope to be able to post them on our school website. If a 3rd or 4th Blizzard Bag is needed, teachers will send them home with students following the 2nd day of bad weather school closing.

• The Blizzard Bag program will include all grade levels, PK3-Middle School.

• Blizzard Bag assignments will be due the next school day for PK3-2nd grade, with one extra “forgiveness” day. Assignments for grades 3rd – Middle School will be due the Monday following the missed day.

• Blizzard Bag assignments not completed and turned in on time will result in an un-excused absence for that day and cannot be made up unless the missed day would have been an excused absence due to student illness.

The NCS staff is excited to pilot this program. They’ve worked hard to develop it and will be evaluating it for strengths and weaknesses as they put it into practice. The program’s success or failure however, depends on family support and cooperation.