Mrs. Stephanie Halstead, Fifth Grade


LiveGrades allows instant access to grades, assignments, plus an interactive message center for parents, students and teachers. I will try to update the student’s grades by Sunday Evening of each week.  Please let me know if any issues arise concerning Live Grades.

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Our typical day schedule can be found in the link below. 

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Fifth Grade Class Rules

  1. Listen carefully and follow directions the FIRST time they are given.

  2. Stay in your seat unless given permission to do otherwise.

  3. Work Quietly. Do not disturb others who are working.

  4. Respect others and school property. Be kind with your words and actions.

  5. Show good citizenship. (Respect, helpful, honesty, bravery, work ethic, manners, etc)

  6. Always do your best!

Whole Class Rewards! 

We will be earning whole class rewards by filling up our marble jar!


This is how the students will earn marbles for their jar: 

  1. When we have a day when no one is lower than Green on the clip chart the class will earn one marble for their jar.

  2. If another teacher brags about our class (like walking properly down the hallway, etc.) they will earn one marble.

  3. If the principal brags on our class (I will add FIVE marbles)!

  4. There will also be other times that I will use marbles to encourage good behavior.

**When the marble jar is full, the class will earn a reward.  It may be extra time on the playground, play board type games in the classroom, or perhaps pajama day.  They will vote as a class on the reward.

Clip Chart

Everyone starts on the green sheet “Ready” each day. xample of behavior card:

all star.jpg


1st positive = student stays on green sheet “Ready” for entire day. Reward is one punch on behavior card.

2nd positive = they will move their clip up to the orange sheet “Nice Job”.  Reward is two punches on behavior card.

3rd positive = moving up to the pink sheet “Amazing Job”. Reward is three punches on behavior card.


1st offense = they will move their clip down to the blue sheet, which is “Watch Out”. Five minutes of extra walking time.

2nd offense = move clip down to the yellow sheet which is “Danger”. This will require ten minutes of extra walking time.

3rd offense = move clip down to the red sheet, which is “Crash”. This will require them fill out a “think time slip” for the day, they will bring this home for a parent/guardian signature.  Depending on the severity of the offense, they could walk an extra fifteen minutes, and/or they could be sent to the office.  (Our goal is to NEVER be on the red “CRASH” sheet!)

*Students will be able to move up and down throughout the day.  The placement of the clip at the end of the day will determine their reward or consequence.  There is one exception to this rule. Once a student hits the red “Crash” sheet, they must suffer the consequence, they cannot move back up.

5th Grade Information Sheet

Lockers:  5th will use lockers this year.  Each child needs to purchase a combination lock (no key locks) and have at school by the 1st day of school.  Locks must be checked in with the teacher before placing on lockers. There will be weekly locker checks to make sure they are kept tidy.

Assignments:  Assignments/test for each subject will be posted on the board for the students to copy and write in their planners. The students will circle any assignment not finished at the end of the day before being signed by the teacher.

Binders: Each child will be expected to keep a binder for school this year.  This binder is to keep notes and important papers in. I will tell the students what to keep and what can be taken home. Please check with your child before taking papers out of their binders. I will periodically check the binders to make sure they are organized and neat.

Homework:  Your child will have nightly homework if they do not finish their class work in the time provided, or if they have a test, quiz, or memory verse to study for that week. Homework is due by 8:15 a.m. in the containers provided. The 3rd-8th grade homework policy is included in this packet.

Snacks/Water Bottles:  Everyday the children will be permitted to eat two healthy snacks in the classroom.  Examples:  fruit, cheese, yogurt, cereal bars, popcorn, vegetables, etc.  No candy or cookies may be eaten during this time!   Any type of water bottle may be brought to school.

Book Orders:  Book orders will be sent home each month.  Please make checks out to: Scholastic Book Club or you may order on line. The classroom code is:  H4YXY

Things from Home: The students are not allowed to bring any toys from home; this includes baby dolls, trading cards, stuffed animals, basketballs, etc.  I am not allowing Fidget Spinners in my classroom.

Field Trips:  The fifth grade class will be traveling to Washington D.C. May 15th-May 17th. Throughout the school year, we will be doing various fundraisers to raise the money for the trip.   The 5th grade will be invited to participate with Wood County Schools on local field trips. Some examples could include: Science Day at COSI, plays at Blennerhassett Elementary School, etc. You will be notified in advance of all field trips.

Birthday Parties:  If students wish to celebrate their birthdays please follow the guidelines in the handbook. You may send in cupcakes, cookies, or other items to celebrate your child’s birthday. Please let me know in advance if you are bringing in items for a birthday celebration.

Missed Work:   If a student is absent from school, I will have their work ready for them in the office by 12:00 p.m. to be picked up. Please let me know in advance if students will be out of school for a long period of time and I will get work ready for them.

Social Studies and Science Fair- I am requiring that each student do one of these two fairs. This is an educational experience that will enhance their learning in those subjects. The students will be given a grade for their hard work and participation. Mrs. Halstead oversees the Social Studies Fair.

Extra Credit: I will not give extra credit to any student. I feel that I give enough assignments, tests, and projects in a nine-week period that extra credit is not needed.

Math:  Grades will consist of quizzes, tests, notebooks, and some additional worksheets/activities.

Science:  Grades will consist of quizzes, lab activities/reports, tests, and notebooks

*The 4th grade teacher will be the Science teacher for fourth through fifth grades.

*There will be a one-day emphasis on a lab/hands-on activity.

Spelling:  Grades will consist of class assignments, book work, worksheets, tests and notebooks.  I will give a pre-test on Wednesdays and those who make a 100% will not take the test on Friday. The remaining students will take their Spelling Test on Friday. (This day could change if we have a shortened week)

Reading:  Grades will consist of monthly book reports, vocabulary tests, work text pages, and daily class activities.  Each month the students will be required to read a book and do a short project or presentation on that book. If the book report is not turned in on the due date, students will receive a penalty of 10% off per day for two days. After two days, if the book report still isn’t turned in it will be recorded as a zero.

Language:   Grades will consist of tests, quizzes, worksheets, monthly writing assignment, and daily class activities. 

History:  Grades will consist of tests, quizzes, notes, worksheets, class work, and special projects.

** Mrs. Halstead, the 5th grade teacher, will be the History teacher for fourth through fifth grades.

Bible: The Bible for 5th grade will be on-line from Liberty University. I will be overseeing the students as they take the course on-line and will re-teach and supplement any lesson taught.

Grades will consist of saying the weekly memory verse, writing the weekly memory verse in their journal, and worksheets.  The weekly memory verse is to be said to Mrs. Halstead by recess on Friday.  Students may say their memory verse to Mrs. Halstead anytime she’s at her desk from Tuesday-Friday. When saying the memory verse please use the version listed on the newsletter.

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