NCS School Board

The NCS School Board is comprised of individuals with various gifts who help oversee the development of the school. The one common thread each member has is a love for NCS, along with a desire to share their time and talent in helping to develop and to guide our school. As with every area of NCS, the board is non-denominational and has members from various churches throughout the Mid-Ohio Valley.

If you are interested in applying for a Board Position, please contact the school office.  

School Board Members

Susan Gracey: Administrator
Phone 304-485-0241

Mary Brannan: Administrator
Phone 304-485-0241

Ryan Brooks: Leadership Team
Phone 304-428-3293

Ron Morris: Leadership Team
Phone 304-428-3293

Anne Casto-Poole: parent of a 4th grader
Phone: 304-482-1702

Amy Fluharty: parent of a Kindergartner
Phone: 304-588-3276 (prefers text or email)

Scott Francisco: parent of a 3rd grader
Phone: 304-482-3799

Marcie Hill: parent of PK3 student  
Phone: 479-747-1440

Paul Owens: parent of a 3rd and 6th grader
Phone: 304-482-8011

Tammy Sims: parent of a 2nd grader
Phone: 304-917-5265