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North Christian Middle School is committed to providing our students with a Biblically integrated educational program through online learning.  Research is beginning to reveal the long-term benefits of this learning style. As a result, many traditional schools are looking to offer online content as a part of their daily school schedule. In partnership with Liberty University Online Academy, we can integrate our online, Christ-centered curriculum into its course offerings.

Christ-Centered Curriculum

  • WE believe that a Christian education is of prime importance to all students. Therefore, Christ is presented in all classes, and the Bible is the basis from which all instruction generates.

  • Students will receive online learning for all core subjects in a secure “brick and mortar” building with the added benefit of personalized instructional support from a facilitator.

  • Liberty University Online Academy will teach, grade, and administer all aspects of the following courses: Bible, Science, Math, Language Arts and Social Studies

A Deeper Faith Culture

  • Middle schoolers need a faith culture that emphasizes a relationship with Christ as opposed to an adherence to a set of rules.

  • The integration of faith into learning is a necessary ingredient in a student's search for truth, reason, and morality, as well as the student's academic, social, and spiritual development.