Speech Meet

At North Christian School, helping our students to think and speak critically and constructively, from a Bible-based Christian worldview, is a major endeavor.  We continually search for ways to involve our students in learning. We have elected to participate in the ACSI Speech Competition for Elementary Students.  Integrating the Bible with the school’s curriculum involves more than memorizing Bible verses and stories. It involves understanding the significance of speech as we relate with God and others, the importance of testifying to the character and nature of God, and the content and manner of our speech.

Spelling Bee


Physical Education



We are committed to providing a quality Christian education that reflects Christian values and incorporates a standards-based curriculum integrated with 21st Century skills and technology. Classrooms have been equipped with interactive Smart Boards or Mimeo bar technology to engage students and enhance the overall learning experience. In addition to instruction of core subjects, students also receive enrichment courses in technology. A mobile computer lab is available for students to use in a classroom setting. Teachers integrate technology into classroom instruction on all grade levels.

The 2016 school year kicked off with the opening of a new computer lab facility, outfitted with 25 new Surface Pro touch screen tablets with Microsoft Office 2016 software including a contract to include future versions as they are released, as well as a keyboarding program. Additionally, the underlying network infra-structure was completely overhauled to become PCI compliant. This included Anti-Virus/Anti-Spyware endpoint protection on each machine, updated internal security policies, an organization-wide PCI/HIPAA/SOX compliant email system and the implementation of “VLANs” (virtual local area networks) to separate and protect our students and faculty with an additional layer of privacy and protection.


Science Fair

Social Studies Fair