At North Christian School, the goals of our preschool is to provide a wonderful atmosphere and program equal with the highest standards attainable which will allow each child to develop at his own pace.


  • To help the child develop a love for God and bring him/her to the point of accepting Jesus as his/her personal Savior; 
  • To teach students to know Jesus Christ and the Bible as the authoritative Word of God; 
  • To teach students to develop a positive self-image through Jesus Christ and demonstrate Christian love and grace toward others.


  • To protect the health and safety of the young child and to help him/her develop physically; 
  • To encourage the development of large and small muscles; 
  • To help the child learn good health habits and to use his/her body wisely as the “Temple of God”.


  • To develop the feelings of competence and satisfaction in the mastery of new skills and to develop an intrinsic motivation for learning; 
  • To help the child develop a sense of responsibility and cooperation; 
  • To stimulate the child’s curiosity and imagination and contribute to his/her development of ideas and concepts; 
  • To encourage the child to gain deeper understanding and a greater awareness and appreciation of the world around him/her as having been created by God.


  • To help the child develop a sense of self-acceptance;  
  • To provide an environment that will foster a sense of security in the child; 
  • To help the child express himself in a socially-acceptable, Christ-like manner.


  • To challenge the child to participate in a variety of classroom activities and tasks while developing an increased ability to make independent choices; 
  • To challenge the child to approach tasks with flexibility, imagination, and inventiveness; 
  • To prepare the child for kindergarten through a developmental academic program; 
  • To provide dedicated Technology and Spanish instruction to all PreK 3 and PreK 4 classrooms.