Generally speaking, how do the academics at North Christian School compare to other schools?

Our students score significantly higher than the national averages on Standardized Achievement Tests.  The teaching staff is highly qualified and bring years of experience to our classrooms.  Annual home surveys reflect high parent satisfaction with the academic success of their students, the quality of the staff and curriculum at North Christian School.

We aren't Baptist and do not attend North Parkersburg Baptist Church. Can our children attend North Christian School?

Yes, North Christian School is non-denominational.  The curriculum is not focused on a specific denomination.  Both the students and staff represent a variety of local churches from across the
Mid-Ohio Valley, both from West Virginia and Ohio.

I don't want my child to miss all the extracurricular opportunities by being in a Christian school. Aren't you limited in what you offer?

The staff and parents of North Christian School work together to provide our students the opportunity to participate in most of the county-wide school extracurricular activities including:  Speech Meet, Wood County Science and Social Studies Fairs, State Science and Social Studies Fairs, Wood County Math Field Day, Wood County Spelling Bee, gifted services through TREK and SAIL, Wood County Boys' Basketball, and Wood County Track.
Students have the opportunity to participate in after-school clubs such as Cooking, Healthy Fitness, Recycling, Drama, Lego, Hand Bell Choir, Guitar and Jump Rope. Through the sponsorship of North Parkersburg Baptist Church, our students are also included in all special programs being hosted by the church, including Upward Basketball and Cheerleading, and the North Pole Event.

I have heard so many good things about NCS. What makes NCS such a wonderful school?

There is an intangible spirit of faith at North Christian School that makes it a special place for students. Parents comment each year on the atmosphere of love and care that their families find at NCS.  God's Holy Spirit is reflected in the peace and joy that thrives in our school.  We are blessed to be able to provide a safe and peaceful environment for children to grow both academically and spiritually.

How do I learn more about NCS?

Please feel free to contact the school at 304-485-0241 if you have any questions, or click the "start the process" link below. We would be happy to share the accomplishments that make it the wonderful school that it is.  Enrollment applications for new students are accepted beginning in February of each year.  A community Open House is held each year in February. You can also to like us on Facebook!